Monday, September 21, 2009

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

So, not only am I recovering from the shock of saying goodbye to the DemonSpawn on Friday, but I am also trying to fit in as many work days as I can to make up for the 2 months of wages that I lost having surgery {a shit-load when you're a casual, P.S.} & started rehearsals for the festival play I'm directing.

Tomorrow is another day in the smock ~ I rawk the smock! ~ then, I think I'll give myself the day off.

Mayhaps Wednesday we'll see Grace in Small Things return. I'm sure hoping there's some grace to report, as the hits just keep coming...

  • replaced the water heater today ~ last one bought March, 2008. That's 18 months, boys & girls. 18 months. Redunkulous! Here Mr. Plumber, take this cheque.
  • Puffy noticed water damage to the wall in the basement located under the kitchen sink/dishwasher. Here Mr. HandiMan, take this cheque.
  • muffler on The Bullet is loose & rattling like a canasta in heat. Here Mr. Mechanic, take this cheque.

Momma G announced today that she probably wouldn't be retiring until age 90. I think I'm also a member of that plan, as my Super7 ticket netted me exactly ZERO DOLLARS, blowing my retirement plan out of the water.

I'm sure there's something graceful in there under the pile of shite. I'll let you know if I find it.

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