Death Bed Moment? Wha??

The Death Bed Moment. It is one of my better ideas.

Ever freak out about something that was completely not worth it? Ever rant and rave about things or people or events that, in hindsight, didn't deserve the time and effort it took? Well, I like to judge all things by the "Death Bed Moment".

If you had 5 minutes to live, if you were LITERALLY on your death bed, would the thing that you are obsessing about really be what was on your mind? Would you give it a second thought? If it isn't, then it is NOT a Death Bed Moment and not worth the time it takes to draw a breath to begin the rant and you should just let it go.

Repeat after me: Water off a duck's back....water off a duck's back...water off a duck's back.  Now do it!  Just let that thing fall away like water off a duck's back.

Believe me, this way of thinking will save your sanity.