Thursday, May 04, 2023

Disembodied Voice From the Past Says What?

I received an email from Blogger this morning. A post from 2006 was "flagged for review" for violating guidelines regarding the Malware and Viruses policy. As such, the post was unpublished and need to be dealt with.

Friends, this post was from 17 years ago. 

17 years!

Who is wandering around the interwebs looking at my dusty old posts from 17 years ago and reporting them? 

What was the issue? What was so urgent and potentially harmful that this post needed to be reported, flagged, & unpublished? It contained a link to the Polynesian Cultural Centre in Hawaii. 

So I've added the link to this post. As a test. 

Let's see if I get reported again.


Welp. Couldn't publish the post with the link. Is this a thing now? Can't have any links in your posts? Surely that cannot be. 

P.S. You can find it at polynesia dot com ~ great place. Cannot recommend enough.


Friday, October 08, 2021

New Computer, Who Dis?

 4 hours.

I've been working at this for 4 hours, and I've managed to complete 3 things.

Bought a new computer. Trying to transfer information, log into accounts, work on bookmarks... I'm sure there is a much better way than what I've been doing, but I don't know it!

Spent 2 hours finding phone numbers for help desks, calling, talking, getting cut off, looking for passwords...

I think my brain is too old for this shite.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Starting Over, Starting Fresh

 I feel like I've gotten a new lease on life. 

I went through 2 surgeries this summer to deal with a cancerous tumour in my thyroid, and am now on thyroid replacement hormones to keep my body doing... whatever the hell the thyroid does. My numbers have stabilized and my med dosage has been the same for 3 months, so I think I'm where I need to be.

All this has made me realize that it has been a loooooong freakin' time since my thyroid has worked properly - judging by how I feel right now & my energy levels. I'm certainly not going to go out & run a marathon, but I can at least THINK about it without collapsing into bed.

I've come to the conclusion that sheer will & stubbornness are the only things that have kept me going for years.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Disappointed In Disjointed

I love me some Kathy Bates.    I think the woman is an amazing talent who deserves every accolade she gets.  I can't pick a favourite role of hers - Fried Green Tomatoes...Misery...About Schmidt...Mike & Molly - she's so good! She can do comedy, drama, suspense.  I used to think she could do no wrong. And then...

Disjointed.  {Sigh}  I was so looking forward to this show.  And I'm so disappointed.

Can we all agree that laugh tracks need to go away? What an absolutely annoying, unnecessary distraction. I realize it is filmed in front of a live studio audience, but what is the point? Look at the sheer fabulousness of Modern Family.  No laugh track, no limit to what you can film or do.  Netflix has the opportunity to do some really amazing work here, & this just falls short.  Just like The Ranch --- {Snort} Don't even get me started on The Ranch.

Kathy Bates is, as usual, stellar in her role.  Where Disjointed falls short is the writing & supporting cast. The supporting cast is trying too hard; too hard for laughs & too hard to "act". The writers are putting it all on Kathy Bates' shoulders.  Is this supposed to be an ensemble or is it a 'star vehicle' for Kathy?  I feel like they can't decide, which has left me disengaged in the whole show.  I don't care about any of these characters.  & the side-story of the security guard with the delusions & possible PTSD feels like they're playing it for laughs.  PTSD sufferers deserve better.

& so do the viewers of Disjointed.

After 2 episodes, I'm throwing in the towel.  There are too many other quality programs out there competing for my limited time.