Thursday, May 04, 2023

Disembodied Voice From the Past Says What?

I received an email from Blogger this morning. A post from 2006 was "flagged for review" for violating guidelines regarding the Malware and Viruses policy. As such, the post was unpublished and need to be dealt with.

Friends, this post was from 17 years ago. 

17 years!

Who is wandering around the interwebs looking at my dusty old posts from 17 years ago and reporting them? 

What was the issue? What was so urgent and potentially harmful that this post needed to be reported, flagged, & unpublished? It contained a link to the Polynesian Cultural Centre in Hawaii. 

So I've added the link to this post. As a test. 

Let's see if I get reported again.


Welp. Couldn't publish the post with the link. Is this a thing now? Can't have any links in your posts? Surely that cannot be. 

P.S. You can find it at polynesia dot com ~ great place. Cannot recommend enough.


1 comment:

Stubblejumpers Cafe said...

Well HEY!! to see anything from YOU again is a treat!!
I'm looking back at old blog entries of my own from today in 2010, and there found a comment from you, et voila! here I am.