Saturday, December 19, 2020

Starting Over, Starting Fresh

 I feel like I've gotten a new lease on life. 

I went through 2 surgeries this summer to deal with a cancerous tumour in my thyroid, and am now on thyroid replacement hormones to keep my body doing... whatever the hell the thyroid does. My numbers have stabilized and my med dosage has been the same for 3 months, so I think I'm where I need to be.

All this has made me realize that it has been a loooooong freakin' time since my thyroid has worked properly - judging by how I feel right now & my energy levels. I'm certainly not going to go out & run a marathon, but I can at least THINK about it without collapsing into bed.

I've come to the conclusion that sheer will & stubbornness are the only things that have kept me going for years.

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