Tuesday, September 22, 2009

252 of 365

I had really, really hoped to do the Days of Grace for a full year, one each day, without fail. It seemed so easy, so simple. Then, life & death got in the way. I realized that I sometimes set excessively high expections on myself, & I am giving myself permission to not be perfect.

I think we've made great strides today. Isn't therapy good for the soul?

It is, boys & girls, it is.

So, I'm back again with my Grace in Small Things, hoping to find the silver lining in every day. & if I miss a day? I'll just start again the next day. M'Kay? M'kay ~ cuz that's just the way I'm gonna role from now on.

So. Today's graces:

1. Lunchtime picnic in the park with Momma G.

2. Getting ALL my work done ~ even the stuffs I've been putting to the bottom of the pile ~ in a reasonable time.

3. Water damage in basement not as excessive as initially thought.

4. Big, long walk felt really, really good.

5. This made me laugh out loud.

What? Too soon?

Clawing my way to happiness through 365 Days Of Grace.

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