Thursday, December 11, 2008

Plays, Pals, & Pottery

TheatreOne 2008. November 6-8th, Strasbourg, Saskatchewan. What a fab time!

I travelled down the lonesome highways & byways of our fair province, taking 6 hours to get in the big town {slight detour for shopping}. Shirley Rice & The Maiden graciously hosted me for the weekend ~ okay, 5 days ~ & treated me like a queen. Literally! I found out through super-sneaky-spy snooping {I Lurve Alliteration!} that The Maiden, in preparation for my arrival, ironed my sheets. For reals. They were so smooth I slid right out the bed!

So, we drank when I got there. Then we had a drink. Then we went to the bar for a drink. Good thing I went a day early so I could get my liver into fighting shape!

It was a fun, fun weekend. 6 plays, 3 green room nights, 1 football game {my poor Roughies lost}, many many friends, 2 presents, & a partridge in a pear tree!

Whilst there, we managed to squeeze in an adventure WITHIN an adventure, taking a trip to a Potter. A real, live potter who throws pots & stuff, like on a wheel. Behold!

The Kiln

Throwing Pots

Pots Thrown Whilst We Ooooo'd & Aaaaaaah'd

The Finished Products

Click on any of the photos to go to his website & check out his other work. He is also an amazing photographer! Special thanks to Miss Shirley Rice for arranging a field trip for us.

I splurged & treated myself to two of his pieces, since I had extra cash to throw around after winning $350.00 on a Nevada ticket the afternoon before in the, ahem, licenced establishment in town. The best part? I thought I'd won $3.50. Yup. I see decimals where there are none.

So, yeah, fesival was a great time ~ perma-headache notwithstanding ~ & it felt really good to connect with friends again. It was also good to break away from my hermiting ways for a few days.

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