Friday, December 12, 2008

Top 6 Things I Don't Get

Now, as you know boys & girls, Wilma is some super-smart, super-genius most days of the year. Yes, yes she is. I have it on good authority {I've talked to 3 people} that Wilma is smarter than the average bear BooBoo.

But, I must admit, there are some things I just don't get. Get, as in "understand" ~ not get, as in "receive". Just to clarify, cuz I've been fooled with that phraseology before. Here are some of those things, in no particular order:

6. The appeal of Bob Dylan. Sure the man writes fantastic, magical lyrics but then you gotta try & decipher them! It's like a meld of Ozzy Osbourne & The Low Talker, with a sprinkle of Asthma Man thrown in. "Heh heh heh, meh leh heh heh." Yup. That's what he sounds like. Blah.

5. Spending hundreds on dollars on Christmas presents. This includes buying cars, diamond necklaces, or small tropical islands for your loved one. What the hell does that have to do with Christmas? Who the hell is getting a car for Christmas, seriously? & how can I get on that list?

4. Peanut allergies. I get that people have them, but if you are so deathly allergic that the whole school/workplace/brothel has to become peanut-free, then how do you survive in the world? How can you talk to that person who had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch if the mere scent of peanuts causes you problems? Seriously. How can you walk in a grocery store? How can you exist outside of a plastic bubble? The same goes for scent sensitivities. Never read a magazine again. Or go in a gift shop. Or walk by any of the thousand people who marinate in their perfume/aftershave every day.

3. Why the clothes I buy that are snug always shrink in the dryer, but the stuff I get that's a teeny, tiny, wee bit too big get bigger? What's up with that?

2. Why Honeymoon Suite didn't become more successful. They sang the title song to "Lethal Weapon", made the soundtrack to "One Crazy Summer" with 'What Does it Take', 'Bad Attitude' was used during the series finale of "Miami Vice" & they really had a nice sound. They changed with the years, didn't get stuck in too much of an 80s rut, & yet, nothing. Most people haven't even heard of them. They have a new album out. Just released this fall. It's good. You should get it.

1. Why everyone doesn't appreciate the genius that is Tom Jones? Did you know he has a new album out, too? Huh? Didja? Yup. Released Nov. 27th. Oh, sorry, "dropped". It's good, BTW.

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Queen of Halloween said...

Being one of the scent senitives, my question is why do the thousands have to marinate themselves? Don't they know that BO & scents don't mix well either!