Saturday, November 01, 2008

Almost Famous

As you know, or mayhaps you don't, I write a little. I write some less than stellar poems, some nonsensical rants, & some nasty letters. What you may not know is that I also write plays. Mostly with partners J-Rod & Betty, but I have been known to write solo.

Last fall, we took one of our plays to Kamsack for festival, where it was seen & much admired by one Guardian Angel of the City-That-Rhymes-With-A-Lady-Part. Arrangements were made following our return home for their biggest group to perform the show at home. A spring production fell through, but we were thrilled that the play made the list for their fall show.

Puffy & I headed down to the Big Jaw during record-breaking gale force winds, managing to use only 3 drops of fuel on the 400 KM trip. We sat down to some pleasant conversation & even more pleasant wine with J-Rod & Betty, before heading out to the City-That-Rhymes-With-A-Lady-Part.

3 other productions to enjoy, & finally, our show! It was the finale of the night & what a performance! Most of the cast were quite young, as so not as experienced to the nuances of developing a character, but a couple of the director's choices made me laugh out loud ~ almost uproariously, in fact! Is it wrong to be that amused by your own jokes? J-Rod & I agreed ~ it most certainly wasn't. Mainly cuz we're freakin' brilliant.

& so, back home to Dodge we struggled the next day, the wind not having abated in the slightest & making the going much harder when you're facing it. We used considerably more gas.

Photos of this trip are virtually non-existent, as for some reason, I completely forgot I had a camera along. SO unlike me! Here's the one shot I managed:

Avast, Me Hearties! There be Pirates lurking on the starboard side. Yar!

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Roan said...

Well congratulations! I think it is more than appropriate to laugh at your own jokes. When I'm writing a funny line, sometimes I laugh so hard I get tears in my eyes. Since it is usually read on my blog, I don't know if anyone else laughed or not. The good thing about the anonymity, I can assume they did. BJ