Friday, October 31, 2008

This Makes Me Steamin' Mad

Recently witnessed by mine own eyes on a message board I frequent: "The government should pay moms to stay home with kids."

Yeah, that. Or people could refrain from having kids if they can't afford them. Or can't afford to stay home with them if they want to.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a wonderful idea to pay a parent to stay home with their children at least until they are school age. In this country, we seem to think that each family must be responsible for their own children, but I believe the state should take some responsibility outside of taking children out of the home when there are problems and giving low-income parents a couple hundred bucks a month per child.

It's only the wealthy and middle class who can afford to stay home with their children and still have any financial security, and the poor should have this same opportunity to be with their children during their younger years as those who are better off do. It's not simply a matter of "If you can't afford to care for them properly, then don't have them." The poor have as much right to have children as those who are better off, and I believe that children raised in their early years by their parents are happier and healthier (provided their parents are happy and healthy) than kids raised by employees in daycare centres, and that this health and happiness have long-term effects upon our society. Thus, our society should take a "look out for the best interests of its children" attitude, which should include healthy, loving childcare by the people who love those children most and care most about them— their parents, in most cases — not some employee who is paid a pittance and would probably rather be at home with her own toddler.
I realize this is all arguable, but this is a very important issue and there is more to it than "If you want to stay home with your kids and can't afford to, then tough noogies for you, don't have any."
Are there countries that pay parents a decent amount of money to stay home with their kids? Sweden perhaps? It would be interesting to research the longterm results of government involvement at this level.
Happy Halloween, Wilma.
- Kate

Roan said...

I think more mother's could afford to stay home with their children if they downsized their lifestyle. We have become a civilization where 'things' are more important than caring for our children. A small home can be just as happy as a larger one. Personally, I don't think it should be the government's responsibility to pay mothers to stay home.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Wilma I listen to friends who have their children in Hockey and soccer and music and theatre and dancing and volleyball as well they own every known computor games and toy you can imagine etc etc the list goes on and on . It makes my blood boil to know that these parents are getting subsidized day care as well as child tax credits, so they can spend their money on other things booze cigarettes , second home, cabin, trips to caribbean, quads boats etc etc . While the struggling parents working basic jobs making crap wages just barely have enough to put a roof over their heads and provide food to these children not to mention single mothers . These families children rarely get to leave the house let alone partake in extra activities. I think the government should Surcharge those families that have double incomes and kids in daycare Why should we continue to pay not only that but these women that work take more sick days because their kids are sick . well maybe if they stayed home and took care of their children they wouldn't be sick Do you want to know what I really Think?

Wilma said...

1. Each family must be responsible for their own children. That would be the definition of family. No where could I find a definition of parent as "state-funded child care provider". It is most definitely NOT the government's responsibility to pay parents to stay home with their children.

2. People need to start taking responsibility for the consequences of their own choices. Becoming a parent is a choice, & those who take that path need to understand & accept the obligation they've undertaken, as well as the emotional, physical, educational & monetary requirements of children. If they are unable to meet these requirements, then they should rethink their plan.

3.It is not right to weigh your wants over the needs of the children you bring into the world. If you are poor, & unable to properly provide for a child, you are being extremely selfish to bring a child into a situation of poverty. Adding another person to feed & clothe to your household will only increase the stress & burden in your world. Not the ideal situation for raising children.

4. I've said it before, & I stand by it: "If you can't feed them, don't breed them."