Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Trip

Puffy & I got back last night after a whirlwind trip to the Bourg. I made friends with several people there through my theatre activities, & Cher recently decided to direct a play I wrote.

We had to detour around Stoon & through the home of Kenny Shields due to the washing out of several roads. Found that it was the same distance after all, & better highways for the most part.

It was fabulous! I laughed so hard that my eyes were crying, my face hurt & I woke up with a headache & upset stomach the next morning. Yes, I'm sure it was the laughing. Couldn't possibly have been the socializing until 5:30 AM.

They did such a great job, what a wonderful interpretation of the play. Favourite moments? Hard to choose. The tutus the ladies wore at the opening of act 3. Alice moving everyone aside so as not to "block her from the audience". Elizabeth twirling her baton with experience & skill {instead of being a cheerleader ~ great substitution!}. Too many to mention.

Best part of all? My friends finally got the meet the Kracker. After all these years, they now know he does exist.

Many thanks to Cher & the Gang {sounds like a band name} for doing such an amazing job. Loved it!

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