Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Party Blues

Went to Pebbles and BamBam's last night for the annual Oscar Party and Competition. Out of a possible 48 points, I scored a measly 18 and came in last. Once again, the coveted "Not the Loser" trophy has slipped out of my grasp. It will be shared this year by Betty and J-Rod, Betty being a two-time winner.
Am rethinking my strategy of going in blind knowing nothing about anything, and may actually watch some of the nominated movies next year.

On the plus side, Jon Stewart was a great host, making fun of Hollywood with a sly wit. We were laughing ~ guffawing really~ while the Hollywood elite teehee'd politely. My theory is that they hadn't eaten anything all day in order to fit into their clothes, thus were suffering from low blood sugar. That, or they just didn't get it.


flibirdijibit said...

Yeah their tiny dresses and heavy diamonds and the lack of food was definitely a contributor to the lack of humour amoungst our beloved celebs. Jonny Baby was hilarious and cute to boot! Can't believe that Whoa-oh Black Betty won again....she truly leads a charmed life. We'll have to wait yet another long year to vie for the coveted trophy that proves us 'not the loser'.

Wilma said...

I guess, living in Saskabush, we get used to saying "Maybe next year" what with the Riders, the weather,etc. So maybe that should be my Oscar Competition mantra.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I hadn't eaten in several days either (for reasons not related to attending the Oscars), AND I thought John Baby was hilarious and cute. V. cute. The Bjork joke was my fave