Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stress and How to Handle It

Ok, seriously. Can anyone give me some pointers? Because I know the way I deal with stressful situations is NOT the best. My voice gets really high and squeaky and loud and I say whatever pops into my head. Sometimes it doesn't even get to my head, just forgoes the old gray matter altogether and heads straight for the mouth. Ranting phone calls, snotty emails, and nasty complaining letters are other ways I deal with stress. And booze. But there's nothing wrong with that, so let's move on.
Is it true about the squeaky wheel getting the most grease? I don't know. Probably not in my case, cuz no-one's been pouring grease down my throat, although that's a good thing.
How do you deal with someone who refuses to do their job? Scream and yell, calmly explain the situation, beat them about the head and shoulders with a 9 iron? Enlighten me, please, oh wise internet surfers cuz I'm out of ideas and ready to FER - EEEK on someone. Have no fear, they actually deserve it this time. Not like all the other times. I'm scary sometimes. {sigh} I have no patience left, and my one lonely nerve that's hanging on by a spider web has a person standing on it that weighs tooooooo much.


Wilma said...

And no, it's not a "death bed moment". Yet.

Wilma said...

I'll post more later - need to make a trip to the Mace store!
That's a super-genius idea.

Anonymous said...

I always find an ice pick to the side of the head works sometimes