Monday, March 13, 2006

Adventures in Cabri

So this weekend, Puffy Kracker and I headed down to Cabri to watch the Prairie Players perform a play I wrote 2 years ago. Conrad and Bronco B (hereafter known as "The Moochers") called Saturday morning to say they were coming for lunch before we left. Amazingly enough, there was actually food in the house for a change, and didn't have to serve them chips and ReddiFart cheese sticks as threatened.
We left around 1:30 in a slight storm ~ snowy, blowy, snow sticking to highway. Made it to Cabri at 4:30. On the way into town, I noted the large statue of an antelope, and decided then and there I would ride it before the trip was over. Met Uncle A and Aunt P in front of the Cabri Hotel. What a place, I must say.
On Friday I had mentioned to MoeD at work where we were staying, and she said "It's probably one of those old small-town hotels with the bathroom at the end of the hall". And we all had a hearty laugh about that.
Well, MoeD was right. It was hilarious ~ but in a good way. The bathrooms were just across the hall and our room had it's own sink in it! The thing that made me laugh the most was the rubbermaid container the size of a diaper pail marked with "Ice Only" in jiffy. What else would you use it for?
We had to go into the bar to check into the rooms. What if you were only 18? How would you check in then? Two of the cast and a producers were sitting in there, visiting with friends and drinking ALCOHOL! Before a performance! Duey and Luey would have had a fit! (Right Velvis?)
We played two rousing games of cribbage in the communal livingroom, then went down for supper where I quickly sucked back 2 Caesers as the nerves were starting to kick in. Why? I wasn't going onstage. What's the big deal? I guess I was worried that people wouldn't like it.

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