Friday, March 10, 2006

Top 6 Words We Should Try to Use

Words, like Conrad's wardrobe, go out of style. This is my list of words that have fallen out of general use that I feel should be resurrected into everyday conversation. Mainly because they are really fun to say.

6. Whipper-snapper
5. Impudent
4. Obsequious
3. Mayhaps
2. Fodder
1. Brouhaha

I'll leave it up to you to investigate the definitions ~ mainly I'm too lazy ~ but it would be a nice make-work project for you.
What words would you put on the list?


Anonymous said...

They just gave me a rough time at work today for using


(not sure how to spell)

Have a great weekend


Wilma said...

Oh yeah, and "svelte". I love that word. Because I embody all that it means.