Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love/Hate #8

Currently loving:

1. The Rocket is back on the launching pad with a new motor.  I have sorely missed that car {hello ~ gas mileage! No comparison between an Aveo (35) & a Durango (20)!}
2. Art show tonight in Dodge showcasing some amazing local talent.
3. Good wine at said art show.
4. OPI Shattered nail polish.  Available in white, black, or silver.  Google it.  Seriously fabulouso.  I've never had so many compliments on my nails before.  Or.... like ever.  ETA:  & apparently there are other colours ~ navy, red & blue too!  I wants them all!
5. "The Girl..." novel series by Stieg Larsson.  Verra, verra good.  I've read 2 & am anxiously awaiting the 3rd.

Currently hating:

1. The Rocket still has an unexplained engine/warning light that will not go away.
2. I need a back-cracking in the worst way, & there is no time in sight to get that looked after.
3. This debilitating loneliness that I feel.  I am normally happy on my own, doing things {or doing nothing} by myself.  Lately, it hasn't felt right.  I haven't felt right.  There is concern :-(
4. Blogger acting up.  Every time I manage to get some time to post, there's an issue.  Blah!  I need a tissue. 

And about 400 hours of sleep.

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Belle said...

So sorry you are feeling lonely :(

I fixed my blogger problems by using Google Chrome as the browser instead of Explorer.