Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Stars Are Trying To Tell Me Something

Here's my horoscope for today:

"Your daily regimen has a significant effect on your overall health, and today's stress makes you stop and consider how to make things better. It's not wise to turn your life upside down all at once. However, you can make a small improvement by doing something that builds your strength and rejuvenates you without making your day any more chaotic. Even a slight upgrade to your current exercise program or a minor modification to your diet could be sufficient to increase your feelings of well-being."


I did have a stressful day.  Work kinda sucked hairy sweaty ass.  & I did start to alter my eating as I've fallen into some really bad habits lately.  I also have not exercised for a month, & I can feel it.  I can tell in how I feel that I need to start moving, start doing something again.  I was thinking just this morning that I will get back into my exercise routine.  Like, this week.

Sometimes the stars have it just.  right.

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Belle said...

I felt I needed exercise too and joined a gym. It is a pain in the neck to go, but my body feels better. I have no sciatica pain now and have a bit more energy.