Monday, September 27, 2010

I Think I Went To A Wedding aka Top 6 Things I Vaguely Remember About The Wedding

A theatre friend from that place that is not so swift & not so current got married this weekend.  I think I was there.  I'm pretty sure I was there.  There are pics of me there, so I guess you can't argue with that.

Mr. Vodka & I spent WAAAAAAY too much time together, & pieces of the night are slowly coming back to me....

Things I am just now remembering about that night:

6. Meeting the mayor of a little town.  So pompous.  SO loud.  But he did buy me a drink ~ which I sorely needed to get through the conversation. 
5. Meeting a psychic who gave me a reading.  All I remember her telling me is something about my jaw.  That's it.  SOOOOO she was 100% accurate!
4. Meeting the husband of a woman I've known for over 10 years.  He's a judge.  I'm kinda glad that I'm not going to be appearing in his court anytime soon, as I'm not sure I made the best impression.... but we did discuss a mutual friend.  That much I do remember.
3. Harrassing the cabbie on the way home.  
2. Going to the casino ~ I'm pretty sure I just watched.  I don't think I had any cash left to play.  
1. I talked so much that my voice went all husky & 1-900-SEXYGRL.  It was awesome!  & I'm told I wouldn't stop talking about it....

Ah Vodka, I think we need to go on a break. 

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a "i got 3 words for you" moment.

Glad you had a great time.