Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm A Little In Love & A Lot Amused

You know those Cosmo polls?  You know those ones where they ask 50 random women what they find most attractive in a man & all the women lie & say "Sense of humour" is more important than "Shitloads of Cash"?  You know those?

Well, I actually do believe that a sense of humour is the most important thing that anyone, man or woman, can possess, followed immediately by "Lots of Smarts".  There is nothing, NOTHING better than a smart smart-ass in my book. Boys & girls, if you combine these two traits, you get David Thorne.

You need to go there right now & read his email correspondence with disgruntled reader.  Go Now.  It will amuse.


Belle said...

Wow! That is precisely why I don't give out my email address. I figure some nut-job will start to write me and then want to kill me.

It is sad and amazing some people are so filled with hate.

Roan said...

Yep, I was amused. That guy is crazy. If I were David Thorne, I'd be locking my doors. ;)

Scratchings in the Dirt said...

That is hilarious! It made my day - thanks for sharing!

Marion said...

I laughed so hard! Thank you for posting about this was hilarious, and it made my day, as well!