Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There Are Only 24

I've been so awfully busy.  I really have.  It's been all I can do to get on here & do my days of grace {Sooooo close ~ I must finish, I must finish!}.  Can't even think about writing something coherent &/or witty.

So, what's up?  What's happenin'?  What isn't!  That's the question you should be asking, boys & girls.

I've bumped my working days up to 3 a week at Le Cocque Rouge.  Bills keep pouring in & there is only so much ca$h to spread around, so I'm trying to get ahead.  Or at least tread water a little.

Theatre has started up, & I've come out of self-imposed semi-retirement to take a small part, as well as be stage assistant.  I lurve my part.  I lurve this unapologetic, fun, sultry woman.  I lurve that the part is only a special guest star cameo role.  It's been great this last month, only needing to attend one rehearsal a week, whilst others are living at the hall.  This week, my involvement becomes more intense & will continue to be so until after Festivus in April.

The Olympics are on, did you know?  We have been bombarded by advertisements for months & months here in Canada, causing me to declare "I can't wait until the stoopid Olympics are over!  I'm sick of them already & they haven't even started!"  There are Olympic ads during the Olympics, which I find strange. Yeah, we get it, we're watching it right now.  Gosh!   Nevertheless, I am watching as much of it as I can.  The TV has been permanently tuned into CTV or TSN.  As much as I scoff about it & the cost & the controversies & the hype, I do enjoy the precision, the drama {not necessarily Brian Williams version of drama}, the talent, the athleticism, the winning.  I have felt some patriotism.  I even watched curling.  Curling!!! 

I've been exercising like a demon, treadmilling every day & daily alternating my ab workout with a weight workout I've devised with the help of Dr. Oz.  I have to wear a skimpy costume onstage & want to look my best.  Doesn't hurt that I'm in a weightloss bet with Peanut again ~ $10 a pound!  I need all the motivation I can get.

So yeah, between all this I'm also trying to keep the house relatively clean, read my way through the stack of books T1 brought me when I was recovering from surgery {7 months ago EEP!} watch some of the many, many movies that Harley has brought us, learn how to use my Blackberry, my iPod, and my camera, visit with the girls, & basically live life.  

There are not enough hours in the day.

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