Wednesday, December 30, 2009

316 of 365

1. Already lost 2 of the 6 pounds I gained over Christmas.  It's a miracle ~ thank you Jeebus!

2. Got some bookwork completed for the-place-where-I-worship.  Another 4 hours or so & should be caught up!

3. Road trip with 3 ladies to The Big City

4. where we had an excellent meal

5. & some fab entertainment.  & yes, this time, unlike The Passion Play, I was aware it was about Jesus... cuz, um... his name was in the title. 

Clawing my way to happiness through 365 Days Of Grace.


velvis said...

you crack me up--it was so nice to connect again--too much time inbetween visits.

Thanks again for the marijiuana (lol) and the beautiful scarf.

love yah

Anonymous said...

I wanted to drop in on your 12/30 post and say Happy New Year to you:)

I'm a little jel that you've already lost some holiday weight...geeeesh, we're still celebrating and I figured I'd wait until tomorrow since we've got one last party today. Will definitely start tomorrow...yep, probably:)

:: said...

Great blog! Happy new year!