Tuesday, January 05, 2010

So This Is What 2009 Looked Like. Huh.

Yeah.  So I wrote this on New Year's Day.  & I'm too lazy to change it.  Just deal, m'kay?

It's a frosty, bitter cold morning in Dodge & Wilma is getting ready for a road trip.  It's currently -29°C {-20°F for you Yanks out there} even colder with the windchill ~ but I'm ignoring that as I am off to PA to spend a day & night & next morning with Peanut & Vinnie.  I'll continue on my merry way to The Big City to spend some quality time {read: drinking & flirting with hockey players} with Monsieur Trixie.

I've looking back on 2009 & come to the conclusion that it mostly sucked with a side helping of awesome.  Confused?  You're not alone.

The good:
  • I directed a play I've always wanted to do, & we won 3 awards with it {including Best Director & Best Play}
  • Had my last cigarette May 30th.  Haven't had a drag since.  I have learned never to say never, but I think this bet I've got going with Hussy is just the motivation I needed.  I hate to lose a bet!
  • Had a fab trip to Vegas with Peanut & Hussy.  It's been a looooooooong three years!
  • Had a great Girlz Friend Fun-Time 20 Year Reunion & Drunkfest
  • Getting spayed.  Now people who ask me when I'm going to have children can be cheerfully told to fuck off!
The bad:
  • Our theatre trailer was stolen with our entire set inside, making it impossible to do one last performance of the play at home.  We never got around to filming it the first time, so I now have no record of the performance.
  • Money issues caused me to pick up a second job & start working more, leaving me less time for lying around eating bonbons & watching Matlock & Murder She Wrote re-runs.
  • The continuing saga of my teeth dragged on ~ appointments for the final work were made & cancelled on 2 separate occasions.  The waiting goes on...
  • The doctor situation in Dodge remains confusing to say the least.  Not sure if they are staying or going.  Will someone be around to give me drugs?  That's all I care about. 

The downright ugly:

ETA: Apparently, I angered the Karma gods when I foolishly declared OUT LOUD that 2009 would be MY YEAR!   Remember this?

The Year Of Me

So, I will have to rethink my plan for 2010.  Something tells me "2010 ~ It's Mine Again" will just open up a whole 'nother can of worms.


velvis said...

I think you forgot one, and I am not sure if it fits in the bad or the downright ugly

You never got up to bet bet bet with velvis and your twin.

love yah

Wilma said...

Def. the ugly, my friend. Definately!

Queen of Halloween said...

"This year is mine" ended not pretty for me either...won't be doing that again.
Liked the spayed part...;)
I would have like to have seen the play too...so sad!
Hope Demon is busy terrorizing all where ever he is...my heart still goes out to you.
Hope the new year will better for you and yours!