Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kracker Family Ho-Down Reunion, Bonfire & Drinkfest

So, as I've said, the Krackers had a reunion. 68 attendees invaded Lizard's farm for a weekend of sittin', drinkin', & eatin'. The kids played badminton, volleyball, baseball, bounced on the trampoline & ran through the sprinkler. The not-so-kidlike played horseshoes & stoked the fire ~ which remarkably stayed going, even through the torrential rain {1 inch in 1 hour} on Friday.

Now these Krackers, this family, let's all keep in mind that these are Puffy's parents & their decendents. Yup, 4 generations of Krackers. That's it. 68 people ~ & they weren't all there! It's hard for me to wrap my mind around, as there is only 9 people in my family, counting parents & decendents. A slight, teeny, tiny, wee contrast.

Parking was at a premium ~ why didn't I think to bring my valet outfit? I could have made some cash.

The camping area was busier than the local trailer park...

& the place of honour by the fire for Puffy's lost sister. Forever missed, forever loved.

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