Thursday, July 31, 2008

Favourite Things Thursday ~ Roughriders

You were wondering when I would get around to it, weren't you boys & girls? So was I, frankly {stop calling me Frank Lee!} & I can only blame the Alzheimer's. Or the headache bump. Or laziness.

One of my favourite, FAVOURITE things is the Saskatchewan Roughriders! Perennial underdogs in the Canadian Football League, these guys can neveh, evah catch a break. They came into the season this year as the defending Grey Cup Champions, & those "in the know" had them ranked at the bottom of the league. Yup. Even when they win they don't get no respect. The Roughriders are the Rodney Dangerfield's of the CFL.

What do I lurve about the Riders? Oh so many things.

  • Gainer the Gopher, our mascot {used to be #1/2, but now he's #13 ~ as in the 13th man who revs up the crowd & helps the 12 men on the field build & hold momentum}:

  • the passionate & inventive fans {how many ways can you dress up with a watermelon?}:

  • Our fight song:

  • The fact that we're 5 - 0 for the first time since 1934! & that we've won 14 of the last 15 games played.

Some of the Rider paraphernalia we own here at Casa Wilma:

a radio that came with a bottle of vodka

special edition bottle of whiskey to commemorate the 2007 Grey Cup Champs

flag that arrived in a box of beer

football, also arrived in a box of beer {thanx Pilsner, for all the free stuff!}

do-rag, Land of the Rising Sun, Bobby Jurasin style

Puffy's summer shoes
My original Grey Cup t-shirt

New t-shirt, treated myself this year in honour of Grey Cup win {look at the change in colour over the years!}

Since the horrendous events of February, I no longer have a favourite player, but my 3 favs from yesteryear are:

#36 "RoboKicker" Dave Ridgway

#71 Bobby Jurasin

#9 "The Reaper" Reggie Hunt

Update: Check out this great testimonial to the fans in Rider Nation!


Kyanite said...

LOL here...
Love the mascot, but have obviously missed something re the watermelon theme...
Never mind, a great fun post - just what I'd expect of you.
Have up graded your link on my Fav. post!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I'm ready for football season to start here in September! I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan. But love any good football game.

Nydia said...

This is so cool!!! I couldfeel your psion for your team!! We are as passionate as well here in Brazil concerning football, I'm a Fluminense team fan - although it's so bad in the National championship, snif. Lovedevery bit of your fav thing, from the mascot to the hymn. Great choice!

Kisses frm Nydia.

Wilma said...

For those not in the know, the watermelon has been an intregal part of the fans dressing up for years.

Why a watermelon?

It's green, & it's shape lends itself to an easy tranformation into the perfect helmet.

Fairy Mae said...

I love the fight song! The watermelon helmets are classic too! I love Saskatchewan!