Monday, June 02, 2008

The Waiting

I've been experiencing more than my share of computer malfunctions in the past few months, & finally reached my breaking point this weekend.

  • The anti-virus program I have installed has been frosting my patootie with error messages, uninstall suggestions & frankly, acting like a jackass since I downloaded the update THEY TOLD ME to download around 3 months ago.
  • I get, at the very least, 4 serious error messages from Microsoft {Do you want to send an error report?} a day. Yes, boys & girls, per day.
  • I get the Blue Screen Of Death daily, often more than once. This week, when I was right in the middle of emailing someone.

I've had it & I'm not going to take it anymore!

Feast your eyes on the new baby, coming soon to Casa Wilma....

Yup. I'm getting a laptop. A shiny, new red one. It's being built especially for me with all the groovy things on it that I want. & I'm getting a matching red wireless mouse with a fancy red & black cover. I haven't had much luck tracking down a used scooter within my price range, so I figured this would be good to spend my money on. Besides, I can use my computer all year.

I. Can't. Wait.

If only Puffy would let me take this one back & shoot it when the new one comes, my life would be complete.

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