Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Impolite & Evil

A package arrived today. A package! From Dell! Excitement reigns supreme.

It's just the mouse & padded laptop cover. I knew, deep inside, that the computer wouldn't be ready already. I knew, deep inside, that they would have let me know it was coming. I knew, deep inside that, as fast as Dell can be, they wouldn't have my computer made & shipped in 2 days.

But I hoped a little.

P.S. The laptop cover really stinks. Like new school bus seats & styrofoam. I may need to buy some more Febreeze.


Anonymous said...

I remember the excitment well.
Mines a Dell too.
Did you get a freebie carry case too?

Wilma said...

No freebie carry case, but $100 off & free shipping ~ plus it was on sale!