Friday, May 16, 2008


Somehow, somewhere, I became a collector of monkeys.

It all started with a flash visit to the Outlook Saan on the way to some theatre festival ~ which one I can't quite remember. Mayhaps I was drunk at the time? On our 15 minute stop {that's all the ConMan would allow us} we dashed around the Outlook Saan, frantically looking for THE DEAL that we could brag about. The Outlook Saan is known for their deals.

We stumbled across a display of t-shirts. Monkey t-shirts. Laughing, we all purchased a monkey shirt. To what end? I don't know. They were funny. They were cute. They were cheap. Mine had a monkey with a big pompadorio hairdo saying "You're Fired!" a la Donald Trump, but with pink hair. Too Cute!

Since that time, I have been gifted with monkeys. Lot of them. They filled the Wilmamobile. They lounged on the bed. They were stuffed into bags & corners & drawers around Chez Wilma.

Now, thanx to the modern miracle that is Ikea, I have a shelf ~ a whole shelf ~ devoted to my monkeys.

I think I have Peanut & Hussy to thank for most, if not all of them.

Unfortunately, there is no room at Monkey Inn for Larry the Monkey. He sits dejected, alone. He is too big to play with the other monkeys.

Don't feel sorry for Larry. He has been to many a party where the other monkeys have not been welcome.


Anonymous said...

WOW you got the shelf up already--so very very proud of you.

miss you

Wilma said...

& I'm unpacked & all my laundry's done too. I rawk!

Queen of Halloween said...

Larry finally made it on your blog! I know at least 1 of your monkeys...Santa Gorilla. PoD and I gave you that one. I still have my T-shirt "Here comes Trouble". Can't wait to see the rest of the shelf full...;)

Wilma said...

That's right! I forgot that. He likes to whistle & screech at the fine ladies.

Yeah, one of these days I may post those pics of Larry the Monkey partying at festival. Unless he comes up with the blackmail money...