Saturday, February 09, 2008

Adventures In Driving

Boys & girls, I'm not usually a Nervous Nellie. I can usually take the bad with the good with relatively little freaking out. I've always said I'd rather drive on ice than mud {never learned, despite living on a farm with 1 mile of muddy road before hitting blessed pavement} & am not normally frightened by winter storms cuz I insist on being prepared. The back of the WilmaMobile is filled with winter boots, jackets, ski-pants, survival kits, snacks, & a list of sex games to while away the hours if ever caught in a snowstorm. What? Too much information? Oh, suck it up!

Yesterday, however, not so happy with the drive home from The Big City. Visibility was down in the 95 km to New-York-is-big-but-this-is-Biggar, but not frighteningly so.

The 90 km from NYIBBTIB to Dodge, on the other hand, was something else entirely.

You know that sound that old ladies make? That sound where you suck your breath in through your teeth in a sharp gasp? Yeah, I made that a lot. Here's why...

Note the monkey watching over us as I pan to the fields. What? There are fields? Yes, that vast whiteness out the side window is field. Nice to hear 'Black Cars' by Gino Vanelli playing on the radio, but really could have used a black car in front of us instead of a white truck. Word of advice ~ white vehicles are too hard to see during a storm. It storms a lot. If you live in Saskatchewan, for your safety as well as others don't buy a facking white vehicle!

I think we were going about 60km/h at this point.

Here's a little more, speed approx. 25 km/h. Listen to the stress in my voice {yes! an actual recorded version of Wilma for your pleasure} as I attempt to make lighthearted commentary but fail miserably.

Really, really glad to be home.

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Saskboy said...

Ah, blizzards. What would SK do without them? Probably have more BBQs.

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