Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Get The Hell Outta Dodge

Puffy & I are heading the hell outta Dodge for a couple days of eatin', drinkin', shoppin', visitin', & doctorin'.

I've been busier than a whore at a jamboree the last few days, & am going to take this time to destress, relax, & unwind. As well as stuff my gullet full of some really, really good food the likes of which good ol' Dodge has never seen.

Hopefully, this will jumpstart my noodle, as I've been at a loss for words this week. I blame the headache bump {the bane of my existence & source of all my problems} even though I did convince Dr. Stalker to x-ray my head & he found nothing ~ or so he claims. Never trust the one you're stalking, that's my motto.


Bruno Rocco said...

Could yah be more vague on where your going.

Even Whore's need holidays especially after a Jamboree

Fairy Mae said...