Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Good To Be Home

Conrad & I pulled into town 4:30ish yesterday afternoon, just in time to see my beloved Riders lose to the evil that is Winnipeg {sob!}. I can't even talk about that ~ pains in my chest, my heart is breaking.

The trip? Oh, the trip.

Grandma is doing well. She was having some trouble with fluid retention, but they've sorted out her diuretic & the swelling was already going down in her feet & legs by Sunday. She has lost some weight, but she's doing okay & has some really good health care professionals looking after her. We're so lucky to have my aunt live next door to her ~ she checks on Grandma every day.

We managed to see all uncles & aunts & the cousin that I was closest to as a child {oh, the stories I could tell you...}. My great-aunt was off on a shopping excursion, so we missed her but otherwise had a good 5 days of visiting.

Of course, it was approximately 4 1/4 days too long to spend with Conrad, but I ~ & she ~ survived.

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