Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Labour Day Classic Was Classic

Who watched the game? Boys & girls, who watched that amazing, spine-tingling, nail-biter, stomach-churner of a game?

Wow. After that botched short-kick attempt by Congi {stoopid call, Austin} late in the 4th quarter, I actually lost hope. I nevah lose hope, NEVAH! Puffy is the one who throws up his hands in disgust & leaves the room, loudly declaring "I'm never watching them again! I can't take it!"

When Kerry Joseph ran it in {through a big, wide hole in the defence HAHA Winnipeg, losers} during the final minute of play, it was pandemonium here at Chez Wilma. & there was only Puffy & myself watching the game.

31-26 for the good guys. What a game.

Will add more notes later. Work calls to me...

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