Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Birthday Twin

Everyone has one. A birthday twin. Not to be confused with a birthday buddy ~ someone who merely shares the same birth day. A birthday twin is someone who shares not only the date of your birth, but the year as well. Mine is the incredible, talented, beautiful, famous Bif Naked.

I must admit, I don't own all of her albums, or any, actually. Look at me, I'm 847 years old! Albums! Do they still call them that? Hey, at least I didn't say "records" cuz that would totally expose me as the old poser I am.

I digress.

I like her music, what I've heard of it. Of course, the most famous "I Love Myself Today", is one of my staples as I dance around my living room alone waiting for the phone to ring. It never does...


I decided that I should do some research to see just what all we have in common. Logically, it should be a lot, right? I mean, the stars were aligned in a particular manner the day we were born. We should be innately bound by some connecting threads in the universe, right? True dat.

Let's see, shall we, just how alike we are:

Category ---------Wilma ----------Bif
Nationality --------Canadian ---------Canadian (eventually)
Hair ---------------Blonde-ish --------Brunette
Eyes ---------------Blue --------------Blue
Tattoos -----------Two (so far) ------Billions
Career ------------Super-genius -----Punk Rock Goddess
Diet ---------------Non-dairy --------Raw food vegan
-------------------Non-red meat
Reason? ----------Health ------------Health
Sexuality ---------Hetero ------------Bi-sexual
Lifestyle ----------Straight-laced ----
Likes to -----------Sing & act --------Sing & act
Medical -----------Hernia ------------heart aneurysm

Why do I write about her now? She's getting married today, to Vancouver Sun extreme sports writer Ian Walker. Okay, that description is a little vague. Does that mean he write about extreme sports, or that he is an extreme writer? My sources aren't the best, cuz I'm all lazy & stuff.

Congrats to you, my birthday twin. May you & your partner be as happy as I am with mine when he's sleeping & quiet. Or away from home. Or working & making money so I don't have to.

I kid. You guys know I'd be lost without Puffy. Literally. Can't tell directions at all.


french panic said...

Once I saw Bif Naked walking her dog(s?) in downtown Vancouver. I pointed her out to my sister, but my sister didn't know who she was.

She's really tiny, that Bif. Also, she looks punk rock, but her music sounds very pop rock.

Ewww. I just googled her and found a wedding picture. Cute husband, hideous dress.

Wilma said...

Wow. That is one mother of a dress. One mean mother.

Put that under the column of stuff we DON'T have in common, cuz my dress was rockin!

Re: punk rock. Yeah, that's what I get for relying on Wikipedia for my info. Like I may have mentioned, I'm lazy.