Sunday, September 30, 2007

Go Buddy, Go!!

Last week saw the return of the Riders as we've come to know & love them. They were feisty {or, as some people who shall remain nameless pronounce it "fisty"} making plays, kicking ass & taking names. As some friends who attended the game said "It was 59 minutes and 30 seconds of fun. Then you could have heard a pin drop." BC scored late in the 4th quarter to win 37 to 34.

Ditto for Chez Wilma. On the plus side, the boys were playing like they meant it, playing like they finally remembered that it's their JOB & they should GET IT TOGETHER.

Yesterday, all you could hear here was my constant refrain, "Go, buddy, go!" That's how I cheer when the boys are running. DemonSpawn hid upstairs after the first outburst startled him from his 8th nap of the day.

Calvillo was back in the saddle with Montreal after being out for X amount of games {I don't care THAT much to research it, plus, did I not tell you I was lazy?} & their team seems to be having some difficulty meshing. Sucks to be them.

The boys in green made me happy, happy, happy when they took a resounding lead in the 2nd quarter & DIDN'T BLOW IT like they sometimes do. Oh, they are back! I am telling you, the fire is in their eyes, the strength is in their hearts, & the thrill of victory is back with them.

Now for the CBC.

Those announcers couldn't punch their way out of a wet noodle bag, or something to that effect. At one point, they called it "Mosaic Field".

& could someone, anyone {I volunteer} teach these eastern jerks ~ okay, I don't know where they are from exactly, but that's my story & I'm sticking to it ~ how to pronounce "Saskatchewan"? It is se-SKATCH-che-wan, not se-skatch-chew-JUAN. They are putting the acCENT on the wrong syLABble & it's driving me mad! Mad, I tells ya!

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