Friday, July 13, 2007

The Lake

Thankfully PK & moi have friends who have cabins, or we would never get to the lake. PK hates traditional camping while I lurve it. He won't sleep in a tent, & doesn't even like to take a camper anymore.

Just an aside, Conrad & Bronco B still have their trailer for sale. Priced to move! Email me for details.

Anywoo, so off we went to the lake last weekend, to spend a couple days with friends, & have a closer home base for Mamma Mia.

Vinnie has bought a new boat which we took out on the lake a few times. We had just enough people for all the characters of a three hour tour {3 women & 4 men} but then 1 of the gals went home, so we made BB into "Mrs. Howl". Get it? Mrs. Howl... cuz she's a dog! Look how pretty she is...

Man, that cracked me up! Veronica & I were switching back & forth between Ginger & Maryanne {cuz you don't feel like a goodie-goodie ALL the time}. Mrs. Howl went for a swim ~ looking dapper in her "Outward Hound" life jacket {I kid you not}.

Vinnie had made a request the last time I was at the cabin since I foolishly told him I was taking guitar lessons, so I entertained them with "Smelly Cat" then an original composition "Wakaw Lake".

Wakaw Lake, Wakaw Lake
We like to visit you
Wakaw Lake, Wakaw Lake
I sure get drunk!

Vinnie bought a brand new boat
Sure am glad that I can float.
He wants to take us for a ride,
It's very long & plenty wide.


Peanut doesn't want another flood
At least there wasn't any mud.
He mixes a mean martini or two
Plenty for me & none for you.


We may need to go get beer
The Liquor Nazi doesn't want us here.
She's so grumpy & insane
I want to throw her from a train.

What else did we do? Hmmm.....

Played poker {I lost early}. Slept in {even PK!}. Smoked like crazay! Watched movies. Watched football. Went to town. Relaxed. Basically, all you ever wanted from a weekend at the lake.

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