Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Think I've Lost It

I was going over some of my older, more stimulating, more entertaining posts today & I realized ~ I'm kinda boring now. I'm kinda past it. I'm kinda not that much fun. I think the headache bump is pressed too hard against the humour centre of my brain & I have completely lost all ability to rant with any sort of effectiveness or hilarity.

I'm really sad about this & will now go mourn the loss of my purpose in life. Mayhaps with a beer. I've given up on OTC cold medications & am turning to alcohol to cure my ailments.

Good plan, huh?


Headgirl said...

A VERY, VERY good plan. I'm very much into alchol abuse @ the moment my-self!
Take care

Headgirl said...

Uppps spelt it wrong! I haven't even had a drink today either!

Headgirl said...

Yes, me again!
I've followed your "link" instructions & they are EXCELLENT.
You are now my blogging hero - see credit!
Have a good w/e