Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Puffy & I noticed that some of the many, MANY berry bushes on our property {& in the back alley garden extravaganza} were ripe & ready to harvest so we headed out earlier this evening to get us some berries!

The Nanking Cherries were loaded, & by loaded I mean LOADED! There were so many berries on the branches that some were hanging on the ground. I got a full ice cream pail full & stopped & I didn't even pick 1/4 of those available. It's crazay!

The gooseberries were at various stages of readiness, & whilst I was cleaning them, I discovered that they were also mostly infested with worms. They went out into the yard again to feed the birds.

Speaking of birds, those little buggers think they own my yard. Oh yes, they do. As I was picking, I was heckled, harassed, & chirped at by a very vexed bird. When his intimidation tactics didn't work, he ~ & I'm assuming it was a male bird purely because of the "King of the World" attitude ~ he enlisted the help of 2 other birds {hired thugs from Brooklyn, no doubt} to dive-bomb me! Oh, the humanity! Oh, the horror! JoyfulOne has the right idea about birds: they are no good!

Little feather-covered Nazis.

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