Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm On The Dope

Managed to weasel my way into an appointment to see the doctor that I'm stalking {long story, well not really, I just happen to see my doctor on a more than semi-regular basis for various procedures & reasons} by sounding really needy & feeble on the phone with the receptionist. Got squeezed in 1/2 hour after I was done work. This was necessary as the doctor is going on holiday next week & I was not waiting around to see if I could fight this on my own for that long. Cuz I obviously can't.

On the plus side ~ it's not the plague or West Nile, although the possible diagnosis of "venereal disease" was briefly bandied about the office {from a toilet seat, obviously people}
On the minus side ~ it's some sort of vague infection somewhere in the general area of my sinuses & that's as specific a diagnosis as I received. But he gave me drugs ~ the good kind, the kind that you get from the man in the white coat, the kind that you can get renewed {but only if you're good} the kind that make you vomit if you don't take them with food. You know, antibiotics of some weird name I've never heard of. Which is unusual, cuz I know my way around the antibiotics, let me tell you. I've had my share, your share, & the neighbour's share in my brief lifetime.

I'm assuming the infection is not catchy since I've been battling the demon forces since June 10th & Puffy isn't sick yet. So I'm not going to go into self-imposed exile. I may, however, be sleeping all weekend just for shits & giggles.

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