Sunday, May 20, 2007

LA 2007 ~ Celebrity Sightings

We're always asked when we get back from the annual Three Musketeer LA Adventure "Who did you see? Did you meet anyone famous?" & usually we have an answer, cuz famous people are just wandering around loose everywhere in that town! Seriously! Someone forgets the lock their cages & they just walk around town free.

So, this year, we saw/met 2 famous people.

While at Spago, this man

came up to us, asked us how everything was & put his hand on Hussy's shoulder while he said it. She almost needed her nebulizer! Apparently, Wolfgang Puck {that's who that is, for those of you not in the know} comes out at least once a night to do a quick round & see how the patrons are.

One day, as we lay by the pool suntanning, this man

came out onto the balcony of the lobby {weird hotel, lobby on 2nd floor, pool on 1st} & was talking to friends & standing around. Hussy noticed him first & said "Hey you guys, is that? No. Can't be. It sure looks like..." Peanut & I looked & said "Yes, it is!"

The legendary, the infamous, the {some say} talented... The Hedgehog Ron Jeremy! Staying at our hotel. This would explain a lot, as we witnessed a, shall we say, 'adult scene' being played out on the balcony across from ours {girl in a thong, not alone, etc, etc, you get the picture}. Also, there were several other adult film stars wandering around the pool area, consulting their "scripts" {something written on a post-it} & meeting each other. We also witnessed a scene being filmed right in front of us by the pool area. Don't panic, it was one of those "filler" scenes, where people are fully clothed & talk & other such stuff.

The Cacklers tried to get his photo {we weren't that crass, besides he's not pretty & I've seen more than enough of him, thank you very much} & said to us "Does this make us all perverts that we know who he is?" Of course it doesn't, as he is a legitimate actor now, having been seen in such classics as "The Surreal Life", "Reindeer Games" & "Detroit Rock City".

Also while at Spago, we thought we saw Albert Broccoli's widow Dana, but alas, she passed away in 2004 so it was some other slightly famous person that we recognized & could not name. Ditto for a singer we saw there. Can't think of her name either. Must study up on the glitteratti a little more before the next trip.

That's the end of this report, & all LA 2007 reports. Thank you, & goodbye for now!

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