Monday, May 28, 2007

Go Here, Now!

The CBC is hosting a contest for the "Seven Wonders of Canada" that you can vote on. They've got it narrowed down to 52 places to choose from ~ yes, good ol' land of the living skies is even represented, although The Great Sandhills are not an option ~ & they want people to vote for their favs.

Of course, the voting process is stalled at the mo since they had a bigger response than expected but... it's nice to see all these marvelous places our country has to offer.

Go & see how many you've already visited. Go & plan your next vacation. Go & vote {if possible}. Go. Go now!

& then come back here & spend more time at DBM.


Headgirl said...

Checked it out.
Sask's Cyprus Hills & Twisted trees I've yet to see, & I do think The Sand Hills should have been included as they are incredible.
Haven't voted yet as torn between the Living Skies & Cathedral Grove!

Wilma said...

The voting is now working!