Saturday, May 26, 2007

Can't Get Enough

I don't know why but I'm smack-dab in the middle of a serious avocado craving. It's been going on for a couple weeks now, & it's getting bad. I'm hurtin', baby! I need a fix. I'm on the junk. I've got a monkey on my back. I need a 12-step program for this. I'm up to an avocado a day habit. It's so bad that yesterday I tried to eat one before it was ripe!

Apparently, avocados are good for my diet. According to my extensive research {I visited 1 webpage} "the avocado can be a helpful part of a successful weight-management program. Its monounsaturated fat speeds up the basal metabolic rate, as compared with saturated fat. Its high fat content gives a quicker feeling of satiation ("fullness"), thus helping to reduce overeating. Its rich supply of vitamins and minerals also makes the diet more wholesome and satisfying and thus more conducive to overall health."

1 medium Avocado contains 324 calories, has 30.8g fat, 14g Carbohydrates, 10g Dietary fiber

When I turn green, I'll stop. I promise.


Headgirl said...

Funny that, I, too am going through an avaocado eating spell, & they're a friut I've not really gone for before. Now, I'm making an avo. dip with lemon & fresh chilli's; crab or prawn salad with avocado & mozarillo, avocado, sundried tomato & basil bagettes!
I too did read that dispite their high fat content, its good fat & can actually help in dieting. It's a good job isn't???

Wilma said...

Toasted avocado & chicken sandwich - yummy, yummy!

But lately, I've just been eating them out of the peel with a spoon.

Headgirl said...

Forgot to add that, I do it too!