Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sleep? What Sleep?

Woke at 2 am, yes AM, to an upset stomach of epic proportions. This upset me greatly as... 1. I don't like to get sick & 2. I was having a very pleasant dream about Brad Pitt & George Clooney inviting me to go to LA with them.

Something must have been wrong because the Evil Devil Spawn was perched on my shoulder purring at me, & he then followed me into the bathroom purring. I believe he knew I was ill & was offering me comfort. {Velvis may disagree, saying he was purring so I would let down my guard & allow him an opportunity to strike}

So for the next 5 hours, I dozed fitfully ~ I finally understand that phrase ~ as every time I would finally fall asleep, my stomach would twitch/spasm & I would be sure that this time, THIS TIME I would lose my lunch.

Was supposed to work today, but had to call in sick. I feel like crap & I'm tired as hell. I could pack Andre the Giant into the bags under my eyes. I'm on the Gravol to keep the nausea at a minimum, but I'm so tired. So I'm off to rest & recupe as I am supposed to work tomorrow & I would really like to. Yes, you heard me, I want to go to work.

1 comment:

Headgirl said...

Poor you!
Hope the lergy passes soon but in the meantime you can make the most of an affectionate, purring Demom Spawn...
Animals do know when somethings amiss!

Take care