Wednesday, April 25, 2007

LA 2007 ~ Travel

Our flight left at 6:15 am ~ yes, AM! ~ on Hussy's birthday {April 12th} so we all wisely decided to spend the night before in Stoon. Peanut & I had supper together at my hotel ~ Hussy still on her way in ~ & started the trip off properly with a martini or six. I had some splurge money set aside & used that to treat myself to a hotel room close to the airport. I knew that if we were all together, I wouldn't get the sleep I needed to not be a raging bitch the next day, so took a pill, put in my earplugs, donned my sleep mask, & drifted off for a pleasant 6 hour nap.

My wakeup call came at 3:30 am ~ yes, AM! ~ & I stumbled around the room, eating my snack I brought along {banana & bagel} while getting ready to face the day. Met Peanut & Hussy at the airport & away we go!

Flights were good; on time & even early in one case! I love WestJet. The staff are so relaxed, they have fun at work, we lucked into a seat sale again this year so the fares were reasonable. We had a 3 or 4 hour layover in Calgary, so we had our second breakfast there.

Arrived at LAX early ~ 15, 20 minutes, can't remember ~ & headed off to the rental car lot where we decided to get a convertible.

On the way back, I travelled alone as Peanut & Hussy opted to stay for extra days. Lineups at LAX made me very happy to have gone early ~ it took an hour to get through checking in, handing in checked luggage, & security. Not much time to waste shopping at Duty Free so I just amused myself with people watching & bathrooms breaks every 15 minutes {damn bladder is now the size of a sunflower seed!}.

Had a good book along with me so read & people watched in Calgary, chatted with my seat neighbours on the plane, & landed in Stoon Airport by 8:45ish.

Special thanks & a very big SHOUT OUT to Harley, for chauffeuring me in the night before I left, & for picking me up on my way home. You're a good friend!

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