Thursday, April 26, 2007

LA 2007 ~ Shopping

The shopping, as always, was fabulous! I love Outlet Malls! You can't even imagine how amazing these places are, so I'll show you. Map to Calmarillo Outlet Mall; listing of all stores available here. My favourites include Ann Taylor, Anne Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Bass, Geoffrey Beene & Gap. I bought a wack load, a bucket full, a whole lot of clothes this trip. Velvis informed me that for every thing I put in my closet, I have to get rid of something. We'll see how that goes. I do know I have to weed through a little cuz I'm out of hangers!

Victoria Secret & Pottery Barn were also among our stops. These stores are one block off Rodeo Drive.

The Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, which I've told many of you about, has got to be seen to be believed. It really is the size of a rink. Located right on Sunset Blvd, it's only a few blocks from our hotel & was the first stop for shopping. As usual, we all cleaned up, buying 11 pairs of shoes between the 3 of us after 3 hours of shopping. I also got a purse. Can't have too many purses, right Betty? Let's check out the store:

We actually managed to avoid touristy places & trinket shops this round, so I came home with quality goods & nothing tacky {that I can remember buying!}.

Our groceries were once again purchased at Von's, where Peanut has a member card & we saved $40 on our stuff. Peanut got the member card the first year amid much eyerolling from Hussy & I, as we didn't understand the value in being a member. Your savings are taken off after all your groceries are rung through. It's kinda exciting to watch all the discounts showing up on the till screen. His postal code for the application? 90210 of course!

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