Monday, March 12, 2007

Adventures With FancyPants

Saturday night, after attending a fine evening of theatre in the Land of Loose with friends {& PK} FancyPants & I decided to excursion to Stoon for a night.

Sunday, after a pious morning of worship, we hopped in the Wilmamobile & headed down the pothole highway for "The Big City". Stayed at the new Hilton Garden Inn {nary a Paris in sight} which has been remodelled quite beautifully. Wonderful, helpful, friendly staff. Spicy, spicy caesars in the lounge. After cocktails & appies, we pooled in for a while, vegged in the room, munched on some mildly overpriced snackies & went to bed.

Monday, room service breakfast ~ my favourite! Then off to the mall for some errands. The wedding bands were slipping off a little too easily {have I lost THAT much weight?} so they needed to go in for a re-sizing, did some window shopping, had a Chai {heavenly} & off home.
I like a quick little trip/adventure like that ~ spur-of-the-moment ~ to break up the week.


velvis said...

Good for you guys a person never does that enough!!

Headgirl said...

Sounds a good trip!
Maybe you might like to join Headmistress, Nellie & I on our version next month, as I'm into overnighting.... on shopping excursions! In fact I insist!

Wilma said...

Yes, next up on the adgenda - a weekend in Edmonchuk!