Friday, February 23, 2007

Power Outage

What a crazy day yesterday was! Power outages all day, some just brief flickers, others lasting more than an hour. Don't know what the issue was, but PK surmised that it was the frost on the lines. Saw some scary flashes in the sky last night as well that PK identified as 'arcing'. Too close for comfort for moi.

I am addicted to things that need to be plugged in! Couldn't watch TV, movies, check email, blog, practice organ, cook, listen to music, or do laundry. Finally resorted to practising my guitar {yay!}.

Thankfully, I have many, MANY candles around the house so we were never truly in the dark ~ PK is not allowed to complain about candles &/or candle holders any more ~ but it really is amazing how incredibly dependent we are on power. I keep thinking of the show 'Jericho' & how I would not survive that situation {there's been attacks on the US, no power, no TV, no food or fuel deliveries to local stores}. I guess if we were desperate we could light a fire in the backyard to cook. But it wouldn't be the same as the George Foreman Grill.


Headgirl said...

Candles are sooo romantic.. you & Puffy Cracker should have been in heaven!

Anonymous said...

Actually it was a downed power line near Smaller supposedly power poles were downed because of the heavy frost on the wires, snapping the poles and it affected all the small towns around us...some were still off this morning. Let's all run out and buy generators cause I too can't live without my power.

Oh Joy said...

I have the generator. I was grateful.

Anyway, could you explain what 'arching' is to me? I saw the lights. And I wondered what the heck it was. Thought it was lighting but that seemed out of season. I ran to the computer to google it (I had the generator remember, I could Google) but I ran out of patience. So you just tell me mkay?

Wilma said...

Sorry, typo s/b 'arcing'
Electric arc - A luminous discharge of current that is formed when a strong current jumps a gap in a circuit or between two electrodes.

In English - electric current jumps from one place to another & forms a flash of light (usually with a blue tinge).

You can see something similar if you put tinfoil in your microwave. But I wouldn't recommend it.

Oh Joy said...

So should I have been scared then??? B/C all I feel is a certain sense of smuggness that I did indeed see something when the hubby was laughing at me b/c he thought it was lights in the yard (even though no one was here).

Wilma said...

Yes, arcing is very scary - let's consult our resident expert, PK:

It's just like when you rub your socks on the carpet & give someone a shock, except it's on a much larger scale, carrying the same voltage as the power lines. There is so much voltage that it can arc across air looking for a ground. It would kill you if you were hit by it.

This is not to say that you also can't feel smug at the same time - you knew something hubby didn't. Who's laughing now?