Monday, February 19, 2007

Hanging With The Ladies Of Loose

Went on a road trip yesterday to Stoon with the Theatre Ladies of Loose. They were searching for costuming for their upcoming production & graciously allowed me to tag along on their quest.

We had no trouble at all (HA!) finding the home of Gateway Players. After 40 years in the business we call show, Gateway has amassed an amazing & overwhelming collection of costumes ~ all sizes, eras, colours ~ that they rent out to other theatre groups at a very reasonable price. You do, however, have to go through The Brit.

To describe The Brit politely, I would say that she is abrupt, blunt & outspoken. If I didn't want to be so polite, I'd mayhaps call her a bitch. But I'm nothing if not the epitome of polite, so she is abrupt. An abrupt bitch. But damn, The Brit knows her stuff. She is the queen of the costume department, ruler of all she sees.

After two hours of being total girls, rooting through the clothes & trying on several outfits {as a tagalong, I only tried on hats} the Ladies of Loose settled on their costumes & off we went to Earl's for supper.

VERY impressed with Earl's this visit. There was nary a belly button or arse-crack in sight on the wait staff. Someone has obviously changed the dress code ~ for the better, in my humble, super-genius opinion. The food was excellent, & our waitress was very accommodating to my many various dietary requirements.

The weather on the way home ~ typical February Saskatchewan. Snowing, blowing, sticky roads. Thankfully, I was not driving & so could chat & relax.

A great trip ~ will post photos later after the camera has been charged. You will NOT believe the costume room! I had to photograph it, cuz descriptions don't do it justice.


Headgirl said...

Look forward to pic's
I'm always glad to get a comment from you!

Headgirl said...

Whats happening to'Dinner Theatre' this year??
I'm going to be around its time!

Oh Joy said...

What did you eat at Earls? I love the little shrimp pizza.

Wilma said...

I had a chocolate martini, and oven-roasted chicken breast with asparagus spears & coconut jasmine rice.

Very tasty indeed.