Thursday, November 16, 2006

Weekend Recap

I've been waiting to feel better to post about the weekend, but as that seems a freakin' pipedream right now, I will forge on for the good of the public. {Bad cold, won't go away, chest congestion & head stuffed with cotton ~ or old sweat socks ~ making it hard to think beyond "Where's the couch & the remote?"}

Festival time! We were fabulous! It was, in my humble, super-genius opinion, the best performance of our play to date. Good timing, huh? We saw some good plays, some not-as-good plays {I'm trying to be diplomatic here} & a fun time was had by all. I got more sleep than usual as the cold was in full bloom & I was being a bit of a suck.

Adjudication was wonderful, Ian had some fabulous ideas to tweak the play, & also generously made some notes & suggestions on our script. Valuable info for us, as he works with new plays & playwrights on a regular basis & has also written several plays himself.

Met some new people, partied with some old acquaintances, & generally enjoyed myself greatly.

Awards night: I had that funny feeling in my stomach again ~ the one that predicts we are going to win something ~ & didn't tell anyone again cuz I'm always afraid of jinxing it. But, as usual, the stomach was right. We received:

  • Honourable Mention for Technical/Backstage
  • Honourable Mention for Acting ~ J-Rod
  • Honourable Mention for Best Director ~ ConMan
  • Runner-Up to Winning Entry {2nd place}

I was so pleased & proud ~ everyone did such a great job, & our writing team again got a boost in the arm, reinforcing our belief that we're good at this business we call show.

Not to brag needlessly or anything, but out of the 9 times we've been to festival, we've only had one, ONE time without any awards or honourable mentions. Damn, we're good!


Bruno Rocco said...

Time to celebrate , your cast, crew,actors, writers all did a great job. Congrats on the Award and the Honorable Mentions. You deserved it celebrate yeah

Wilma said...

You also should be celebrating. When I walked into your hotel room & saw the four - count them, boys & girls FOUR - trophies displayed on the bed, I felt so proud & happy for you.

Well done, all of you.

Ah hell, well done all of us. We're all awesome!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the W/E recap, so much more fun & informative than ConMan's cryptic IM's. Congrats to you & crew at getting all those awards. Mind you, you'll soon need a bigger cabinet in which to display them all....