Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Top 6 Death Bed Moments From LA 2006 ~ Part Deux

Now before you all go thinking "My God, doesn't she have fun on her travels?" here are the top 6 fabulous things that happened in LA {that I can tell you, that is} that I will never forget:

6. Pat & Spanky, the zany bartenders at the Northern Lights lounge in Minneapolis Airport.
5. Losing my pajamas to some over-zealous cleaning ladies at the hotel.
4. Hussy & I accidentally touching Spiderman’s heiney at the same time while posing for photos.
3. Meeting & talking to the shortest, chattiest weight lifter on Venice Beach.
2. Blimp ride.
1. Going to see Madonna on the first night of her world tour in a limo.

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