Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Unrealistic Beer Commercials

You know that beer commercial ~ the Molson Canadian one where they're all sitting around the deck & Buddy looks in the fridge & asks where the beer is & Buddy#2 says that Bill is bringing it? You know this one? And Buddy #1 says "Bill?!? Cabin directions & Bill?!?" and Buddy #2 says "Guy, don't worry, it's covered". Then we see various people/buildings/animals with signs containing arrows & Bill's name.

You know this one?

This commercial really pisses me off. There are 9 people sitting around there and Bill shows up with a 24 of Canadian. For a weekend. At the lake. With 9 people.

  • Who are all these people & why didn't they bring their own damn beer?
  • 24/9=2.6 beer per person for a weekend. Who are they kidding? I can drink twice that during a 3 hour football game, & Buddy #1 is twice my size.
  • What do they need ice for? There is an empty fridge sitting waiting for the beer that Bill brings. What kind of sorry-ass beer drinkers need ice?

If I had a cabin & only one person brought beer, guess who would be the only one invited back. Go on, guess.

I don't drink this shite anyway so it doesn't affect me personally, but it does offend my Canadian sensibilities to see them trying to make us believe 9 people will be happy with 24 beer over a weekend. Unpatriotic to say the least.


Oh Joy said...

Yes really. They should all bring their own darn beer and stop mooching of the one buy with his 24 beers. Now you have me all fired up about that. The commercial used to bug me b/c quite frankly their little plan with the signs just wouldn't WORK in real life. Now I'm annoyed that only one guy brought beer.

Wilma said...

You know what else pisses me off about this commercial? In Ontario (where it was filmed) they say "Cottage directions & Bill?"
When it's played in the western provinces, it's been NOTICEABLY dubbed over to say "Cabin directions & Bill?"

Cuz we're so stoopid we can't figure out what a cottage is.


Anonymous said...

We were just talking about this commercial as well. Another point...if they had all this time to put up all these useless signs, why couldnt they grab the beer themselves!!! The whole thing is ludicrous!!!

Wilma said...

Yes, exactly!! I mean, how much time did they spend chasing down that horse?
They could have picked up a keg & a buttload of ice in that time.

Oh Joy said...

Some people will do anything to avoid spending their own money on bxxr.

Anonymous said...

I agree

this made me laugh long time

the other day this commercial came on and it was about 10 seconds in and the the Coors light "Mystery Mansion" commercial came on it was to funny

I don't drink the shite either