Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy 210th Post!

I was so busy posting fast & furious-like, that I completely missed the 200th post. So let's celebrate the 210 instead. We've been through a lot here in the last 7 months, parties & travels, adventures & weddings, awards & drama, friends & family.

I don't know how to describe what this blog does for me. It's my diary & bulletin board, a way to keep in touch with people, a forum to rant & rave in without driving Puffy Kracker to the basement, it's a cathartic release, a confidante, a friend. I enjoy this so much, & rely on all of you so much. Even when there are no comments {hint, hint} I still feel connected because now with my handy-dandy blog counter, I know how many people are checking in on me every day. And no, it does NOT tell me who the specific people are, so you can visit as much or as little as you like without anyone thinking more or less of you. It makes me feel special to know that, on average, this humble little blog gets 25 hits/day. Thank you all for caring about what's going on in the World of Wilma

So, work tomorrow then a crazy busy weekend ahead with the Haunted House. Posting will most likely be sporadic & nonsensical as lots of sleep is not an option. But soon we will return with our regularly scheduled programming. I've got a lot of things that have been picking my nether region lately, so be prepared for some Queen-sized Death Bed Moments!

Before I forget, other reasons to celebrate today... "Happy Anniversary" to Puffy Kracker's parents today, celebrating 62 years of wedded bliss ~ just a touch tongue-in-cheek! ~ and also "Happy Anniversary a Day Late" to Conrad & Bronco B, celebrating 43 years together.

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